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Two Stories

Two stories in crop production refers to a tree crop grown above and an annual crop below.

Berkshire HogsTwo stories from J. Russell Smith's, Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture (1953), and their elaboration throughout this elegant book, were material to Fox Valley Berkshire adopting the two story practice.

"I stood on the Great Wall of China high on a hill near the borders of Mongolia. [...] The slope below the Great Wall was cut with gullies, some of which were fifty feet deep. As far as the eye could see were gullies, gullies, gullies- a gashed and gutted countryside.  The little stream that once ran past the city was now a wide waste of course sand and gravel which the hillside gullies were bringing down faster than the little stream had been able to carry them away. Hence, the whole valley, once good farmland, had become a desert of sand and gravel, alternately wet and dry, always fruitless. [...] Its sole harvest now is dust, picked up by the bitter winds of winter that rip across its dry surface in this land of rainy summers and dry winters."

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A Sunday Drive, or, If it’s MAD, it’s Cheap!

madcheapWe at FVB  look upon a gallon of gas this way:

One gallon of gas equals 125,000 BTU.

3,400 BTU equals 1 KWH.

One gallon of gas equals 37 KWH (125,000 / 3,400 = 36.76 KWH).

Human work output in agriculture is 0.74 KW/Hour

One gallon of gas equals 50 hours human work  (37 KWH /  0.74 KWH = 50 hours).

[Source: Dept. of Energy]

There is an Acre and a Quarter of sod that needs turning to the next crop. An acre and a quarter equals 54,450 square feet.

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Why are Fox Valley Berkshire products “Sustainable” rather than “Certified Organic”?

Because our aim is to be sustainable and its exercise is placed among myriad options. As the word sustain itself means to hold from below the purpose of this rootedness is permanence. As permanence is not a substance we can only hold it as an ideal. It is the same for “zero entropy”, the name that would achieve permanence with matter.

Any integrated agricultural system is a practice. Practice still understood as an ongoing deed that pursues an ideal. And any practice must be affordable to its Patrons.


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