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Welcome to Fox Valley Berkshire, home of the milk fed Berkshire hog

Fox Valley Berkshire HogFor a hog, the phrase “you are what you eat" is true because they deposit dietary fat directly into the muscle. It is this central consideration that guides the unique feeding regime here at Fox Valley Berkshire. And that which produces pork unlike any you’ve tasted before. All without the use of antibiotics or hormones and all with humane farming techniques. Fox Valley Berkshire hogs are free to range and grow at their own pace. This is another key technique that leads to the rich flavor of Fox Valley Berkshire pork: a hygienic, open and stress-free life. Berkshire pork is all the more dark red and its backfat the thicker and sweeter having spent so many of their hours out of doors.

Fox Valley Berkshire CowBerkshire pork is also known as Kurobuta, a Japanese word meaning "black pig". The breed having been taken up by the House of Windsor would make their way to Japan by way of gift of the English diplomats in the 1800’s.

Tenderness and juiciness are among the factors that lend distinction to Fox Valley Berkshire pork. This tender, sweet and rich flavor comes from the generous levels of marbled intramuscular fat and selective breeding and expert selection not all that different from those applied to the Kobe beef cattle.

The only difference, perhaps, is that there is no massaging of the pig with sake as is the case with wagyu. Although routine dry brushing is excitedly welcomed by our hogs.